THRIVE: Professional Skills Program for Graduate Students


The THRIVE Professional Skills Program for Graduate Students provides optional opportunities for graduate students to develop competencies across the graduate student lifecycle that complement program curriculum. These competencies include developing teaching, research, career, personal and professional skills.


In the program, you will be provided with an opportunity for:

  • Self-Assessment: determine needs and skills you are missing
  • Self-Engagement: attend available workshops and activities
  • Self-Mapping: document your transferable skills in your CV/Personal Portfolio

The THRIVE program is vital for graduate student success.
The program not only provides graduate students with skills to be successful in graduate programs; it helps them develop transferable skills and gain a competitive advantage, increase professional employability, find success in their careers and ultimately contribute to their community and society.

Examples of valuable resources and available workshops:

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Professional Development (PD) Program:

  • Opportunities for growth in critical teaching skills and the essential aspects of good teaching and performing teaching duties effectively and professionally
  • Enhancement of teaching skills as graduate students’ careers advance
  • “Certificate of Participation” documenting hours of completed participation, a valuable addition to a graduate student’s curriculum vitae (CV).

Thesis Writing Boot Camp:

  • Writing support and building community
  • Short pep-talks (e.g., annotated bibliography, resiliency in revisions, thesis formatting regulations).
  • Individualized writing assistance
  • Dedicated, quiet space for writing.