About the First Nations' Transition Program

Welcome to the First Nations' Transition Program

The First Nations’ Transition Program (FNTP) is a first-year credit program, offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science, that provides First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) students who are not fully admissible to the
University of Lethbridge an opportunity to enter into, and succeed at, the university level by providing a solid foundation of core skills in a supportive cohort environment that attends to Aboriginal ways of knowing and learning. In addition to access to university courses, the program provides cultural and peer support, advising, and academic skills development to create a positive first-year experience that positions students for success in further undergraduate studies of their choice. When space permits, those who qualify for general admission may also access the FNTP. This is a full-time university program that may qualify for loans and other sources of funding.

What can I learn in this program?

  • How to bridge cultures and build interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Skills for success in university academics
  • Effective writing techniques
  • Library research and information gathering
  • Mathematics and computer skills
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • How to integrate health into your life and potential career
  • How to blend the wisdom of First Nation’s culture into your University of Lethbridge experience

Together we can make change easier at The University of Lethbridge. Our role is to guide, encourage and support students.

To be eligible for admission to the program, applicants must have been enrolled in high school until grade twelve OR have been out of high school for at least one year and, at a minimum, hold credit for the following Alberta high school courses or their equivalents:

  • English Language Arts 20-1 or English Language Arts 30-2
  • Any three of:
    • Aboriginal Studies 20
    • Biology 20
    • Chemistry 20
    • One Fine Arts course:
      • Art 30 or Art 31
      • Dance 35
      • Drama 30
      • Choral Music 30, General Music 30, or Instrumental Music 30
    • Mathematics 20-1 or Mathematics 20-2
    • Physics 20
    • Science 20
    • Social Studies 20-1 or Social Studies 30-2
    • A 20-level language

Enrolment in the FNTP is limited. Students may be contacted by the Admissions Office or the Faculty of Arts and Science for further information.

Please note that there is a separate application form required for this program. The form is available from the link below: