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Lecture Mandate Frequency Organizer
Alex Johnston Lectures

The Alex Johnston Lectures, delivered annually at The University of Lethbridge or other Lethbridge public places, are given by distinguished or popular historians and others in commemoration of the late Dr. Alex Johnston.

Disciplines represented by the Alex Johnston Lectures may include history or other determined subjects on Lethbridge, Alberta, or Western Canadian topics that influenced the history of southern Alberta, including natural history subjects such as agriculture, geography, geology, and archaeology.

The Lectures are funded by sources external to the University through cooperative efforts of the Lethbridge Historical Society, friends of Alex Johnston, and the University.

The free Lectures are announced and promoted by The University of Lethbridge. Copies of the lecturer’s presentation and program are provided to the Sir Alexander Galt Museum and The University of Lethbridge.


Alex Johnston Lecture Selection Commitee in Department of Geography
F.E.L. Priestley Series

The F.E.L. Priestley Lecture was endowed in 1987, in memory of Professor Priestley, whose fifty-year academic career began as a teacher in a one-room school in Pine Coulee, and ended when he retired from University College, University of Toronto, in 1972.

The purpose of the lecture series is to invite internationally renowned scholars and authors to campus to further the tradition of the humane letters, in particular in the disciplines of the history of ideas, literature, philosophy, and history.

It provides an opportunity to advance the humanist tradition and intellectual values that Professor Priestley cherished and promoted in his works and in the classroom. The series is guided by a written Terms of Reference.


Priestly Lectures Committee
Owen G. Holmes Lectures

“In recognition of Dr. Holmes’ record as both scientist, administrator, and academic concerned with public policy, the Lectures are to be given on topics of public significance concerned with the sciences and with the nature and goals of the university in contemporary times.

The Lecture is to be delivered by distinguished scholars of national or international reputation.”


Faculty of Arts and Science
PUBlic Professor Series

"a monthly, thought provoking series of pub-style talks that brings a range of experts and researchers from across the arts and sciences to the community for a spirited conversation"

Monthly, during the academic year

Faculty of Arts and Science
Students' Union Speakers

According to the Students’ Union constitution, the student VP Academic will “Organize, in conjunction with the Communication Coordinator, an academic speakers series.”


Students' Union
Tagg Yoshida Lectures

The Tagg Yoshida Lectures were inaugurated in 1998 to honour the work in liberal education by professors Ronald Yoshida (Department of Philosophy) and James Tagg (Department of History).

The series invites renowned speakers who epitomize in their work and life three dimensions of liberal education:

  1. The practices of the arts and sciences
  2. The breadth of general intellectual background
  3. Depth of knowledge.

Funding is provided by an endowment. The series is promoted by the University and presented in a public venue to reflect the broad civic value of liberal education.


Committee on Liberal Education
Women Scholars Group Speaker Series

This series emphasizes the careers of women in Canada and serves as encouragement to our students. Through the series, the U of L invites eight to ten speakers to campus.

These visits involve meetings with classes, presentations to local groups, meeting with students, and a public presentation.

Several lectures per semester

Women Scholars Group