Faculty Profiles

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Steven Urquhart (French) - Department Chair

Off: B-538  email: steven.urquhart@uleth.ca  PH: 403-329-2562

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Mélanie Collado (French)

Off: B-534  email: melanie.collado@uleth.ca  PH: 403-329-5175

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Brent Devos (Spanish)

Off: B-596  email: brent.devos@uleth.ca  PH: 403-380-1857


Key Research Topics: (To be added)

My research is generally focussed on the Spanish Golden Age (16th & 17th Cent.) and more specifically on textual criticism of literary works from that period. Textual criticism is the process of restoring, editing and annotating adulterated texts from previous centuries for the modern reader. Thus far I have focussed on plays by Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600-1681), but I am beginning work on a critical edition of a Spanish fencing treatise by Jerónimo de Carranza (¿1539-1608?).


Inge Genee (Linguistics)

Off: C-508  email: inge.genee@uleth.ca  PH: 403-380-1809


Key Research Topics:

Beth Gerwin (French)

Off: B-536  email: beth.gerwin@uleth.ca  PH: 403-332-4572



Key Research Topics:  French nineteenth centur; Honoré de Balzac; psychoanalysis and literature; gender theory and sexual difference; nineteenth-century literature and culture; film adaptations of French novels

I have published articles mostly in the area of nineteenth-century French novels, read through the critical lens of psychoanalysis. My interest focuses on theories and perceptions of difference, in particular sexual difference. I specialise in the study of the novelist Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850). I am currently completing an article on the representation of androgyny in Balzac’s spiritualist novel Séraphîta (1834–35). My larger current research project is on the notion of narcissism as it is represented in nineteenth-century French literature and early psychoanalytic theory.

Abigail McMeekin (Japanese)

Off: B-532 email: abigail.mcmeekin@uleth.ca PH:403-329-2722


Key Research Topics: Japanese second language acquisition; NS-NNS conversation; conversation analysis; Japanese pedagogy; computer assisted language learning

My main area of research focuses on Japanese second language acquisition in a study abroad context. I examine troubles in talk (e.g., word searches, communication strategy use, negotiation) in native speaker - non-native speaker interaction using a conversation analysis approach. In the last five years, I have added another focus on the use of technology in and out of the Japanese language classroom - computer assisted language learning.


Luz Janeth Ospina (Spanish)

Off: C-506  email: luz.ospina@uleth.ca  PH: 403-317-2865

  Key Research Topics:

Omar Rodríguez (Spanish)

Off: B-544  email: omar.rodriguez@uleth.ca  PH: 403-332-5296


Key Research Topics:


Tabitha Spagnolo (French) - Study Leave 2018/2019    

Off: C-546  email: spagnolo@uleth.ca  PH: 403-329-2420

  Key Research Topics: 17th-century French Studies; Literature; Theatre; Gender & Identity; Transvestism in Theatre; Education of Early Modern Women; Masculinity & Monarchy; Violence & Vengeance.

My research centers on the broad exploration of gender and identity in seventeenth-century French literature, theatre, and culture with a focus on the performance of transvestism on stage and through a few choice examples of cross-dressing as lived experience.  I am also exploring a new dimension of transvestite theatre, considering the role and implications of violence within complex scenarios that frequently confound and conflate issues of gender identification while tending to deconstruct conventional seventeenth-century views of the traditional power structure governing the sexes.  I also work on the Querelle des femmes and women’s education in Early-Modern France.

Alain Flaubert Takam (Linguistics)

Off:  C-552  email: alain.takam@uleth.ca  PH: 403-329-2561


Key Research Topics:  Applied linguistics: language in education planning, Sociolinguistics: language policy & planning; endangered languages; contact linguistics; socio-pragmatics; the sociolinguistics of translation, Official bilingualism in Cameroon and Canada, Cameroon English

My research focuses on language in education planning (acquisition planning), that is, language planning as it relates to the teaching and learning of minority languages in a bilingual or multilingual context. I am also interested in endangered language revitalisation, contact linguistics, language variation, the sociolinguistics of translation and socio-pragmatics. I equally work on Postcolonial Englishes, especially Cameroon English, whether at the lexical, syntactic, phonological, semantic or pragmatic levels.


Raquel Trillia (Spanish)

Off: B-594  email: raquel.trillia@uleth.ca  PH: 403-329-2562

  Key Research Topics: