Lost or Stolen Permits

In the event you have lost or your permit has been stolen an application for a replacement must be filled out at the Campus Mobility Services located at Turcotte Hall Level 1 TH101 and a fee paid for the replacement permit.

To process this application a Police File # is required

Note: It is a criminal offence to file a false police report

If this incident occurred within the City of Lethbridge, use the following link to make your report:



Using the LPS Online Reporting System,you can report the following incidents:

Lost Property (less than $5,000 CDN)/Theft (less than $5,000 CDN)/Theft from Vehicle (less than $5,000 CDN)

If this incident occurred outside the City of Lethbridge, contact the police service of jurisdiction in your area.

The RCMP does not accept reports of crime via e-mail.

To report a crime, contact your local RCMP detachment or the police service of jurisdiction in your area.