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Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art/Bachelor of Education

Develop as an artist and an art specialist in the contemporary classroom. The combined degrees take five years to complete and you graduate with two degrees. Your BFA - Art covers the subject you want to teach, while at the heart of the Education degree (BEd) are three professional semesters, which provide practical experience through supervised placements in schools.

Studio courses introduce diverse materials and technical skills, and prepare you to move onto a range of studio areas including drawing, digital fabrication, electronic art, installation and performance art, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video and media art.

As a senior student, you have an individual studio space and one-on-one mentorship from an Art Studio professor as you develop your own art direction. Art History and Museum Studies courses help develop critical thinking and writing skills, preparing you for professional practice as an artist and educator.

Facilities & Spaces

  • Metal shop with foundry, forge and plasma cutter

  • Individual studios for senior students

  • Modern woodshop, ceramic and plaster studios

  • Bronze and aluminum foundry

  • Digital fabrication lab includes 4-axis CNC router and 3D printer

  • Printmaking studios with Boss Laser Engraver

  • Digital media studio with 3D and large format printer

  • Photography & camera obscura studio with full wet darkroom

  • Painting and drawing studios

  • Exhibition, installation and experimental spaces


“My favourite class was senior studio studying with Denton Fredrickson. It was a class that wasn't a class . . . it was an experience. It was about community and collaboration and getting better at what we do. It was one of my all -time favourites, not just because I learned and grew so much, but because it became one of the happiest, richest times in my life.”

- Carlie Marsh



The Post-Diploma Bachelor of Fine Arts (Art)/Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees program offers students the opportunity to complete a degree in Art and in Education. Students begin the program in the Faculty of Fine Arts. For the BFA (Art) portion, students with approved 2-year or 3-year diploma complete a minimum of 15 courses, including a minimum of 8 in Art. The diploma is recognized as a block of transfer and each program is individually tailored based on the content of the diploma. After completion of their first year, students apply to the Faculty of Education where they will complete a minimum of 20 courses toward the BEd portion.

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Education Requirements

Before you can be admitted to the Faculty of Education, you’ll need to meet their requirements.

Education Requirements

Application Info

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Program Planning Guides

The program planning guides outline the required courses foryour specific degree and major, and provide a sample sequence of courses to help you plan.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art/Bachelor of Education

Post-Diploma Bachelor of Fine Arts - Art/Bachelor of Education (After two-year or three year diploma)

Bachelor of Arts (Art)/Bachelor of Education


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