Summer 2017 Course: Biology 1850A (Biology & Society)

The Department of Biological Sciences will be offering Biology 1850A (Biology & Society) during Summer Session I, which runs May 8 - June 19, 2017.

Course Description: In the 21st century, people are subjected to overwhelming amounts of biological information in their daily lives. Unfortunately, it is often difficult or impossible to comprehend or assimilate all of the exciting new breakthroughs or biological threats presented by the media. This course is designed to increase biological literacy by introducing non-majors students to the biology behind the commonly reported topics in the media including: stem cell therapy, cloning, cancer therapy, genetically modified foods, gene therapy, mad cow disease, in vitro fertilization, E. coli 0517, trans fats, superbugs, steroids, or the Zika virus. This course will enable students to make better informed decisions about the biology that impacts their daily lives whether they are in the supermarket or their doctor’s office.