A list of resources to inquire about the life as an entrepreneur

  • RINSA – Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta in which the UILO partakes. We offer entrepreneurial services and programs to assist entrepreneurs in their innovative ventures.
  • Lean Startup – A development method that is valuable to an entrepreneur
  • Founder’s Institute – Accelerator and Startup Launch Program
  • Startup Canada – Canada’s Startup Ecosystem
  • Alberta Innovates – The Provincial Funding Enabler Ecosystem
  • Biotechnology Entrepreneurship – Authored by Dr Craig Shimasaki – Started in the biotech days when technology was beginning its boom in the 80s then became an entrepreneur, preceptor and multiple author. Worth the read as you can apply concepts across many non-biotech as well as biotech sectors.
  • National Research Council - Government of Canada’s premier research organization enabling industrial innovation