The Spectrum of Funding

You can experience a wealth of funding opportunities to position your innovation for an acquisition and uptake into the regional and global markets. From connector grants to Institutional investments to facilitate scale-up, their sole purpose is to accelerate the commercialization value-chain and ensure your idea is realized into a tangible product/service. The funding takes the form of in-kind (ie “offering something tangible that is not cash) or cash contributions either matched or leveraged depending on the specific stage. The contributions to the endeavour can either dilute the company position or be non-dilutive. Generally, the later the stage in the commercialization process, the tendency for the funding contributions to be dilutive. When non-government contributions come into play such as Angel and VC investments, the contributors are looking for a return on the significant risk they will carry throughout the investment term. The risk simply is in the failure of the innovation and company to achieve their commercial

The following sections take you through some of the funding opportunities that exist and generally how they function. This is not an exhaustive list as many applied-focused grant / funding opportunities are fleeting & come-and-go.