Get koselig this winter!


A recent Fast Company article delved into the mindset of Norwegian residents and how they cope with long, cold winters with a much lower rate of seasonal depression than expected. Major reasons for this include:

Get Outside- Norwegians celebrate the things one can only do in winter. "People couldn’t wait for the ski season to start." Getting outside is a known mood booster, and so Norwegians keep going outside, whatever is happening out there.

Get Koselig- koselig means a sense of coziness. People light candles, light fires, drink warm beverages, and sit under fuzzy blankets. There’s a community aspect to it too; it’s not just an excuse to sit on the couch watching Netflix. They have plenty of festivals and community activities creating the sense that everyone was in it together.

Enjoy the Scenery- people are enamored with the sheer beauty of the season. In Norway, when the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon, multiple hours a day can still look like sunrise and sunset, and against the snow.


"One of the things we do a lot... is we bond by complaining about the winter," says Leibowitz. "It’s hard to have a positive wintertime mindset when we make small talk by being negative about the winter."


This is easy enough to change; simply refuse to participate in the Misery Olympics. Talk about how the cold gives you a chance to drink tea or hot chocolate all day. Talk about ice skating, or building snowmen. Bundle up and go for a walk outside, knowing that you’ll likely feel warmer and happier after a few minutes. Better yet, go with a friend. Social plans are a great reason to haul yourself out from under the covers.