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National Non-Smoking week this year is January 22 - 26, 2018. If you've been thinking about quitting smoking for some time now, but just aren't quite ready, Practice Quits may be useful to you!

Practice quit campaign


What is a practice quit?

A short commitment to quitting tobacco that helps you build the skills and confidence to become tobacco-free for good.

Why practice quit?

  • Practice quits give you a chance to learn what your challenges might be during a longer quit.
  • Practice quit days have been shown to delay or prevent relapse.

For more information on #ABPRACTICES check out AlbertaQuits

You can also sign up for AlbertaQuits  “Thinking About Quitting” texting service by texting ABQUITS to 123456.  Text back THINKING when asked for your quit date.  You will receive three weeks of motivational messages!



Check out these resources to help you Quit the habit! Alberta Health Services albertaquits.pdf About_Quitting _Smoking.pdf cessation.pdf

Congratulations on Quitting Smoking to Lance McGinnis of the Grounds department!

Lance Stop Smoking