Spark Teaching Symposium

Spark 2017 Teaching Symposium

What is Spark?

The goal of the event is to connect with all instructors from across multiple departments and faculties to highlight innovative teaching methods, celebrate teaching excellence, and to explore how we are moving forward as a liberal education institution. We will do this via lectures, panel discussions, poster presentations, round-table discussions and more.

When and Where?

Thank you to everyone who attended Spark 2017 on April 27th and 28th. We look forward to next years conference. For memories of this years conference, please feel free to check out the tweets from the symposium.


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Keynote Address - Dr. Shelly Wismath

If you missed the keynote, you can watch it here.

Dr. Wismath began her career with the University of Lethbridge in 1983. She began teaching algebra in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, where she learned techniques to help develop critical thinking skills in her students. Since then, Shelly has been honoured with the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1989, was also named the first Board of Governors Teaching Chair at the University of Lethbridge in 2006, and just recently in 2017 won a 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

Shelly is not only an excellent instructor, but is one of the biggest advocates at the University of Lethbridge campus for the recognition of teaching excellence, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her leadership in this area has led to many advances here on campus including, the development of a campus-wide teaching symposium, and the development of an ongoing professional development series based on current teaching topics. Her involvement with these projects to this day just solidifies her dedication to teaching at the UofL.


This year’s keynote address will focus on the evolution of Dr. Wismath’s teaching,  from the early years of learning how to teach to a move to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Join us as Shelly weaves together the different threads of her career to provide a tapestry that tells one instructor’s story of teaching development, teaching insight and love for teaching.


Past Keynote Addresses

SPARK 2017 Keynote Address - Dr. Shelly Wismath

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