Instructional Project Support

Do you have a project that has instructional or teaching related aspects to it? Would you like some help on how to approach these aspects of your project?

Then give the Teaching Centre a call to set up an appointment with us.

We can discuss your project and determine the best way to approach the educational elements of your project.


• Working with the AGILITY project with Research Services to incorporate good instructional environment and a curriculum that can bring maker spaces together with traditional teaching techniques

• We have worked with Occupational Health and Safety to provide online Moodle testing for WHIMIS and other certification testing.

• Collaborated with a group in the Faculty of Health Sciences to help streamline the process of Moodle course development at the beginning of the semester.

When thinking about which project would be supported, and which project would best be suited for the Teaching Centre to work on, if there is a teaching related aspect, it may be a good idea to invite us to the table to discuss your project. We may just be able to help you out.