List of Supported Education Technologies

When changing your assessments, assignments, engagement techniques and many other aspects of your course, you may find that you need to incorporate some new technologies to facilitate that change. The Teaching Centre can help you with this process.

We can work with you to explore the best technical solution to work with your teaching needs and your student's learning needs. We will help to set up the tools and train you how to use best these tools for your needs. Our goal is to help you get up and running, understand the technology and be able to utilize it with ease without the continual aid of the Teaching Centre staff. Although you as an instructor are not tied to using any particular technology, the Teaching Centre staff is limited, and can only support a limited amount of technologies.

Below is a list of technologies that are supported by the Teaching Centre. The technologies listed have been chosen due to their functionality, cost, usability, and adoption of use by faculty among other criteria. These technologies are supported, meaning you can consult with Teaching Centre staff to help you find just-in-time solutions when using these technologies. By standardizing our support and targeting specific technologies, we can better serve the teaching community here at the UofL.



Moodle is a learning management system that provides you with an online course space that can be used for document and other content distribution, assignment distribution and assignment drop boxes, online discussions, online testing and even an online grade book. You can incorporate this system into your teaching as little or as much as you want.

Every semester all classes being offered have a Moodle course created. By default, this course is hidden to your students. If you wish to make your course visible and utilize it for your course, it can be accessed at:

There are a lot of options in Moodle, and at first glance, the system can seem a little complex. The Teaching Centre has created a website dedicated to helping you with Moodle.

For any tips, tricks, tutorials, or updates regarding the Moodle LMS at the UofL, please visit:

If you require assistance from the Teaching Centre staff, please call 403.380.1856 between the hours of 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. If you have any concerns or requests outside of those ours, please email your questions to


Classroom Response Systems (iClickers, Socrative)


ARS or classroom clickers hit the market back in the early 2000's. Since then these devices have permeated their way into many classrooms on campus. They have been used for formative and summative assessments, but overall, they are used to increase engagement in your course. Currently, the Teaching Centre is supporting the iClicker ARS. They have both physical clickers and apps that work with a student's smartphone, tablet or desktop.


In most cases, users refer to audience response systems as classroom clickers. iClickers are devices that allow your students to respond to a poll or question. The results are captured and stored in a data log. The results can be recalled, and grades can be given, feedback can be passed on, or results can be released for all to see in class.

Because of the wide variety of products on the market, the Teaching Centre has chosen to support iClicker brand products, which include iClicker, iClicker +, iClicker 2, and iClicker GO.

To learn more about iClicker, please visit the iClicker Instructor Guides:

iClicker also has an extensive video tutorial page that can help you better understand how to use iClicker


A great way to use iClicker's is in a formative assessment situation. Showing differences in results to students can be a great discussion kickstarter.


If you are going to use these in your class, it is good practice to inform your students at the beginning of the semester, as students must purchase subscriptions or hardware to participate.

There is also an iClicker integration module via Moodle that makes using this device for students and instructors much more integrated with the tools they are already utilizing. Each year new keys are generated and must be integrated into the iClicker software that is downloaded from the web. The Teaching Centre will take care of this process, but integration with Moodle will not work unless you contact the Teaching Centre and have these updates implemented.

To learn more about how to incorporate iClickers into your teaching, please contact the Teaching Centre ( or 403.380.1856).

Active Quiz in Moodle

We recently added a new tool to Moodle called Active Quiz. This module allows you to create a quiz that can be prompted by the instructor from within Moodle. Students participate by logging into Moodle and selecting the Active Quiz you have set up. The answers can be assessed or left anonymous for strictly formative purposes.

If you would like to use this module or learn more about it, please contact Brad Reamsbottom ( in the Teaching Centre.

Presentation Tools

In most cases at some point in your class, you will have to disseminate information to your students. Often this takes the form of a lecture. Increasing your students' focus on the key ideas of the lecture can be a way to increase learning and reduce confusion. Tools such as powerpoint can help you accomplish this task. Below are some links to PowerPoint tutorials, PowerPoint Alternatives, as well as best practices for creating a presentation.

Creating a Lesson, Lecture or Presentation
This link provides some insight about how to best plan your presentation and provides you content strategies to keep your presentation slides effective.

Click here to read more

PowerPoint Tutorials
To access the full list of tutorials on how to use different aspects of powerpoint, please click here.

Keynote Tutorials
If you are an Apple Computer user, chances are you use Keynote instead of PowerPoint. Apple also has a great deal of tutorials available on their Keynote Help site.

Other Presentation Tools
There are a variety of ways to present information. If you would like to explore presenting your material in a different manner other than a traditional slide format, please contact the Teaching Centre.

Course Capture

Techsmith's Relay allows you the ability to record full lectures, mini-sessions, or presentations and then have them automatically uploaded for processing and distribution via video link or Youtube. To learn more about using Relay, please contact the Teaching Centre (403.380.1856).

Podcasting and Video Resources

Many instructors are flipping portions of their course and are creating videos or podcasts that contain lectures in bite-sized chunks. These audio and video files are distributed via Moodle to the students.


We suggest that you use Camtasia to create your videos. Camtasia allows you to create videos that utilize your computer camera, microphone, and even capture video from your desktop. All of these elements can be edited using Camtasia's built-in editing tools. This program is not free and does come at a cost. We encourage you to contact IT to get a copy installed that is right for your system; however, if you do not wish to purchase a software package to complete your course resources, there are other options for you.


This is a screen capturing software as a service. There is a light version and a pro version. You can utilize the light version for free.

Audacity and Garage Band

If you are looking for podcasts that utilize audio only, Audacity is an excellent program that can be downloaded for free and used on a PC or a Mac. If you are using a Mac and would like to utilize some popular Apple tools, give Garageband a try. No other audio program comes close regarding ability and ease of use. There is also an iPad app if that interests you.

The Teaching Centre staff is here if you need help getting started. Below are also some relevant tutorials that may be of help.

Audacity Tutorial Page
This page has a number of tutorials from simple importing and exporting to creating multi-layered tracks.

Garage Band Tutorials
This program is quite user-friendly, but still, packs quite a punch for what it can do. Here are Apple's support pages for Garageband to help you along.

Five things you need to know about Garageband


The university has a subscription to the Turnitin's online services. These services include the ability to set up a course so student work that can be analyzed by a plagiarism detector. Grademark is a feature within Turnitin that allows the instructor to mark, and provide feedback to students online, and then push back that feedback to the students within Turnitin.

If you wish to utilize Turnitin, you will need to get an account setup. If you need to setup an account, please contact the Brad in the Teaching Centre. We will provide you with some needed information to get started. Once you have an account set up, you may encounter some challenges. The Teaching Centre is here to support you in your use of Turnitin.

For more information see our Turnitin pages: also has a wealth of great Tutorials
Turnitin Getting Started Tutorials

Turnitin Moodle Module
Check out MoodleAnswers for more information about this module

Surveys and Feedback

Many instructors choose to get feedback from their class using exit slips. This type of feedback can be gathered using some online tools as well.

Moodle provides a few options for you and is already built into your LMS. Check out the Survey tool and the Feedback tool within Moodle. If you have any questions, please contact the Moodle team at the Teaching Centre (1856).

Survey Monkey is a third part tool that requires a signup and login. If you wish to gather some anonymous data in your class, this is a great tool. SurveyMonkey does have paid options as well, but you will be able to create a feedback form and administer a link using the free option.

By no means is your technology integration restricted to the items listed here. However, the Teaching Centre staff is limited in size, and we may not be able to accommodate support for technologies not on this list. If you have questions about other technologies and would like to explore other options, please contact the Teaching Centre. We are glad to help you explore new technologies that will help with your teaching.By no means is your technology integration restricted to the items listed here. However, the Teaching Centre staff is limited in size, and we may not be able to accommodate support for technologies not on this list. If you have questions about other technologies and would like to explore other options, please contact the Teaching Centre. We are glad to help you explore new technologies that will help with your teaching.