Faculty Workshops

New Faculty Teaching Development Program

Offerings in this program include:

Before your First Class - Teaching at the UofL

This introductory interactive workshop session provides critical information and skills necessary to organize confidently and prepare to teach an undergraduate course at U of L. Participants will engage with their colleagues in meaningful conversations related to preparation for teaching at the University of Lethbridge. Specific topics for this session include: Creating a Course Outline, Establishing Classroom Climate, Effective Learning Technologies, and Ongoing Teaching Support.

Professional Development Workshops and Tutorials

The objective of these workshop and tutorial sessions is to provide all faculty with quality collegial and collaborative professional development opportunities focused on understanding and praxis concomitant with exemplary teaching and learning. Topics that will be addressed include: principles of course design; effective lesson planning and delivery; assessment, grading, and evaluation; establishing a productive learning environment; teaching strategies dealing with students; classroom management; teaching and learning styles; and other topics of importance to instructors.

Effective Course Design: Objectives, Outcomes, and Big Ideas

This workshop is essentially the creating a course plan from the ground-up. Identifying and writing course goals and student learning outcomes; using learning outcomes to create an assessment plan. Planning student learning experiences - resources, instruction, and activities. Participants should bring along any materials they might want to help with course planning.

Student Assessment: Creating Evidence of Student Learning

Determining what you can assess and how to assess it. Creating authentic assessments that clearly and directly address your course outcomes and objectives. Grades and grading to accurately reflect student achievement.

Planning for Effective Instruction: Teaching for Student Learning

This practical workshop provides participants with skills necessary for creating a quality lesson, lecture or presentation plan, and the opportunity to apply those skills to begin producing a well-structured outline for their plan.

Strategies for Student Engagement: Learning Environments and Contexts

Topics for this interactive discussion-based session include authentic activities for engagement, incentives for participation, using “audience response systems” to stimulate engagement, grouping with a purpose, collaborative and cooperative teaching and learning strategies, effective discussion strategies, effective questioning techniques, prompting questions from students.

Creating a Scoring Rubric - Tutorial

This hands-on tutorial introduces participants to the fundamental skills required to create a scoring guide or rubric to grade effectively extended-response questions. Participants should come to this tutorial session with one or more extended-response questions for which to create a suitable scoring guide.

Dealing with Students - Tutorial

This discussion-based tutorial introduces several real-life scenarios involving instructor-student interactions. Time will be spent identifying and discussing issues, and developing appropriate proactive and reactive responses to potentially problematic situations.

Using Classroom Technology - Tutorial

This hands-on tutorial introduces participants to the practical use of common technologies found in classrooms on the University of Lethbridge campuses. During this practical hands-on session, participants will acquire the skills necessary to use effectively classroom technologies to enhance their teaching.

Creating Effective Presentation Materials - Tutorial

This practical tutorial introduces participants to the fundamental skills required to identify and prepare materials to enhance the learning outcomes of a lecture, lesson, or presentation. Participants should come to the tutorial with a topic and relevant resources for which they wish to prepare presentation materials and (if possible) a laptop computer.