Glenda Martens

Glenda Martens
Digital Media Specialist (Design)

I’m the one that makes things look pretty.
Before working in the Teaching Centre, I was the Lead Designer and Art Director at a local advertising agency in Lethbridge. With a passion for design and a great interest in education, my position at the U of L Teaching Centre is a perfect fit. I am responsible for creating all promotional materials coming from the Teaching Centre, including: U of L Moodle theme, digital signage, posters, annual magazine, and pretty much anything our creative team comes up with… and yes, I am responsible for the bright green doors.

The Teaching Centre is innovative, creative and full of people who are passionate about what they do. It’s a great place to explore, collaborate and learn new things. Come down for a visit – our doors (the bright greens ones) are always open.

phone: 403.380.1856
skype: glmoulton
Aim/iChat: glendamoulton