Doug Orr

Doug Orr
Teaching Development Facilitator

I am primarily responsible for working directly with individual instructors and program coordinators to provide support for teaching development and the enhancement of instruction, and am additionally responsible for facilitating and conducting research related to the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education. I coordinate the university’s graduate teaching assistant professional development and faculty teaching development programs. Occasionally, I am fortunate to be able to teach undergraduate classes in curriculum and instruction, and student assessment. My academic interests focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional development programs; best-practices for student assessment; and the integration of emergent pedagogies and technologies to support and enhance student learning. Current research projects include

  • Evolution of the “Level of Adoption” index to inform teaching praxis
  • Student perceptions of university learning environments
  • Evaluation of post-secondary teaching and learning spaces
  • Student self-perceptions of metacognitive problem-solving skills

At home, we train horses for dressage, jumping, and combined-driving. When we need a break from the horses and farm work; we enjoy kayaking, scuba-diving, snorkeling, hiking, and snowshoeing.

Phone: 403.332.4063
Skype: cdedriver
Aim/iChat: uofldougorr

Some recent publications:

Wismath, S., Orr, D., & Good, B. (in press). Metacognition: Student reflections on problem solving. The Journal on Excellence in College Teaching.

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