Elaine Carlson, AVP Human Resources & Administration - Human Resources

I came to the University from University of Alberta in 2011. As the AVP of Human Resources & Administration, the department I am responsible for includes the Health Centre, Human Resources, Payroll, Pension & Benefits, Records, and Wellness & Recognition. Faculty, staff, and students, and the environment in which we all work, are very important to me.

For decades, organizations such as ours have dedicated considerable and necessary time and effort into planning strategically to meet financial, research, student and academic needs. Unintentionally, we tend to have neglected strategic planning for our most important resource – our people. I see our People Plan as our first strategic plan dedicated to those who work at the University, looking to how we as individuals can influence our own and others’ work environments and how the University as an organization can better support our work environment.

In the development of this plan, and the Initial Steps report which supported it, I am honoured to have worked with such dedicated people from our University. These Task Forces are prime examples of how people at this University come together and how the University as a whole benefits from the interaction between different ages, backgrounds, departments, and employee groups.

There are other interests in my life too. Cycling, walking, traveling, dining alfresco, and watching movies (especially Academy Award nominees) are favourites. Doing any of these with family and friends is even better.