Programs & Classes

We are the University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music: a music school located in downtown Lethbridge (in Casa) made up of highly trained musicians from the U of L Department of Music and local distinguished musicians.  To read more about a specific program, click on the following links, or email us with questions:


      Open your child's heart and mind with music classes both you and your child will cherish!

           $138 per semester + $52 - 10% discount for digital copy

           Offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings


   Who do I contact for a Kindermusik Free Class Preview?

       An enrichment program designed to privede the highest quality of musical training. If you love music, and long to be                 challenged, you will love YAMA!

        An approach for children as young as three, based on the philosophy that every child can! This school combines private lessons with bi-weekly           group lessons. Studets must do both.

           $99 per semester

           Offered Saturday

      Classical Guitar Ensemble

          Open to classical guitarists with 3+ years of experience

          Offered Thursday



     Strummin' n Hummin'

        For Adult beginners who want to learn in a support group environment

        Offered Monday

         $170 + GST

       Let's Drum (Ages 7 - 9)

           Offered  Thursday

           $168 per semester


      Let's Drum (Ages 10+)

         Offered Thursday

         $168 per semester


     We Hit It Percussion (W.H.I.P.)

        Open to students from grades 7 - 12, students work on music showcasting Caribbean rhythms, classical music, and all the way to Red Hot             Chili Peppers and Santana.

        Offered  Tuesday

        $264 per semester

       Adult Fiddling

           For adult violinists with 1+ years playing experience, this clas explores the eat coast, Celtic and old time fiddle repertiore in a fast paced                 and fun social setting!

           Offered Friday



           Join with as little as 1+ yrs playing experience. Rehearsals include group time as well as individualized attention.

           Offered Wednesday


       Sinfonia Allegro

           An advanced string orchestra fostering skills in all aspects of professional orchestral study and performance.

           Offered Monday


       We offer a wide variety of vocal programs including Children's Choir, Youth Singers, Alegre Singers, Incanto Singers, "The Singer Within"         Group Voice for Adults, and Ventus Womens Choir for Adults.




Summer Program registration is on now!  Please check here for more information.