Parent Feedback & Testimonials

We Are Kindermusik Maestros!

For the sixth year in a row, the University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music has been given maestro status, meaning we are officially recognized by Kindermusik International as a leader in the world of Kindermusik. Not only that, our Kindermusik families continue to offer positive feedback too:


From Kindermusik's Feedback Surveys, our parents say:

Mar, 2016: "Great program, great teachers! A lot of people think about young children needing swimming lessons and soccer, etc., but I feel fewer people think about engaging their children with music. Studies have shown that music helps in development of many academic areas. Kindermusik is the best combination of music and movement."

June 21, 2012: "My son was only four months old when we took Kindermusik (Peekaboo, I Love You). For parents wondering if their children might be too young, I would say they are never too young to benefit from these classes. My son loved the activities and took in every minute without fussing - for someone that young that is quite a feat! When I sing the songs to him at home, he immediately stops what he is doing to smile at me. And now we have 27 new songs and activities to do at home! I recommend Kindermusik for even the youngest babies."

April 15, 2012:"My daughter loves going to Kindermusik and is always singing the songs. She wants them in the car, the kitchen, and her room! She has really developed an even greater love of music by attending Kindermusik for the last two sessions."

April 5, 2012: "We absolutely love the opportunity to expose our children to music and movement in a very fun, structured and thoughtful way. The instructors have been outstanding."

March 15, 2012: "The teacher is so good with the kids taking time for each of them individually and making sure they are included and participating in what she is doing without ever putting them on the spot. I also love that it incorporates music, dance, instruments, reading, quiet time, instruction, participation, and fun play."

March 15, 2012: "Absolutely love the class. Fantastic teacher. Love the interaction with other children. Love the instruments, and best of all my baby loves it."

April 28, 2011: "My son loves the class, enjoys using the take home materials and has learned a great deal from this program. I like that it is child-directed and developmentally appropriate. My son says: "I love playing music with my friends because it's so fun!" Thank you for the wonderful experience!"