Carol Darmody Bursary

The University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music, through the generous support of SALAS Ltd. has established the Carol Darmody Bursary to assist students between 10 to 18 years who are in financial need, have their permanent residency status and are interested in participating
in a drumming class* held at Casa.

*NOTE: these drumming classes are open to anyone, ages 7-9yrs or 10+yrs, so even those who don’t apply for funding can still register, and pay $160.

All bursaries will be credited directly to students’ accounts with Sport and Recreation Services of the University of Lethbridge and will under no circumstances be paid out as cash. The Conservatory of Music reserves the right to reduce or discontinue any bursaries due to students’ withdrawal from programs (i.e., private lessons, ensembles, and/or group classes). Bursaries must be used during the semester for which they are awarded. Unclaimed scholarships are considered forfeit.

Please fill out the application form below. Deadline for the 2017 Winter Semester is January 13, 2017. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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