Shaping the Future

(Abridged from original article)

The University of Lethbridge campus has undergone significant change over recent years with the addition of a number of prominent buildings – but the biggest project is yet to come.

A proposed 300,000 square foot complex that will transform the Faculty of Arts & Science in particular and the University as a whole is just now in the planning stages and one of the U of L’s newest employees, Chris Eagan, is at the forefront.

The University’s new executive director of Facilities looks at the $255 million project as an opportunity for the University to take a major step forward, one that will further define the U of L as a leading comprehensive research institution.

We want to make sure that in the first two phases that our needs are well understood, well discussed and well defined because the consultants do an excellent job of translating our needs into physical spaces and organizing those spaces - that’s what architects do well. They love it when we show up with binders of needs because then they don’t have to guess.

Chris Eagan

Chris Eagan, the University’s new executive director of Facilities, will play a key role in the development of a complex that could cost more than $255 million and add 300,000 square feet of building space to campus.

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