Work Study Programs

Working, volunteering or completing an internship outside Canada can be a great opportunity for personal growth and a valuable addition to your professional experience.

Whether paid or unpaid, these experiences will make you more independent, flexible, open-minded, culturally-aware and better able to deal with change and overcome challenges. Acquiring practical experience, developing or improving foreign language skills and establishing an overseas network for future employment are among many other benefits.

Work-study programs

Co-op program

Work abroad

There are a variety of different international work opportunities available, such as professional work, short term or seasonal employment and jobs in the international development area as well as work in education or au pair placements.

Intern abroad

An internship is a supervised short-term apprenticeship or temporary job in a real-world setting, usually closely related to a student's field of study. Some internships are paid, others are not. Some programs charge participation fees while others cover living expenses.

Volunteer abroad

Charities and aid organizations offer a range of volunteer opportunities around the world. In general, volunteers need to be self-funding; however, sometimes travel or living expenses may be covered. Long or short term placements are available. Volunteer work is a great way to learn more about yourself while helping others by contributing to the community.