Universidad de Jaen

Jaén, Spain

The exchange agreement

The exchange agreement between the University of Lethbridge and the Universidad de Jaén was signed in 2004.

Semester dates

Fall semester
Late-September– late-February
Suggested arrival: 2 weeks prior to semester in order to find accommodations
Orientation: anytime at the International Programs Office
Spring semester
Suggested arrival: two weeks prior to semester in order to find accommodations
Orientation: anytime at the International Programs Office

The country

Spain has a population of 40 million inhabitants and together with Portugal it constitutes the Iberian Peninsula in the southwest of Europe. With a surface area of 500,000 sq km, Spain is the second largest country in the European Union, after France. The most colorful and diverse landscapes can be found throughout the national territory: the green mountains of the north, the vast Plateau in the centre, the beautiful beaches in the south, and the Canary and Balearic Islands.

Spain has a rich history, which can be appreciated in every city through its monuments and museums, starting from pre-Roman times, through the Muslim legacy in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, to present day.

Modern day Spain is a country wisely balancing tradition and modernity as is evident in its cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona and Madrid, and heritage sites such as Seville, Granada, Córdoba, Ubeda and Baeza in Jaén. Spain's vibrant cultural life can be experienced through its excellent tapas, an infinite number of local traditions (of which bull fighting is one), and its many traditional costumes and celebrations.

For more information about Spain see sites such as: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spain.

The city

Located in Andalucia, southern Spain, Jaén is a medium-sized city (pop. 100,000), where almost everything is within walking distance or at least only a short bus trip away. Jaén is the capital city of the province of Jaén, one of the eight provinces of the autonomous region of Andalucia, and is built into mountainous terrain, creating a picturesque landscape.

It has many educational and sports facilities, and is located near the Renaissance towns of Úbeda and Baeza (recently nominated as World Heritage Sites) and the glorious National Park of Cazorla, a great hiking and wild-life viewing area.

Students can also enjoy winter sports in nearby Sierra Nevada (90 minutes' drive) and visit the seaside resorts of the eastern Costa del Sol (two hours' drive). Jaén's Town Council organizes many cultural activities, some of which are held in the University Campus.

For more information about Jaén, visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaén,_Spain.

The university

The Universidad de Jaén is a public institution offering 35 different degrees, 28 doctorates and a few masters programs. Located in the city of Jaen (pop. 100,000), the Universidad de Jaén currently has about 15,000 students, over 2000 of whom are enrolled in Business programs. The university is located on a new campus on which internationalization plays a significant role, as is evident by the university's 87 bilateral exchange agreements.

The University of Jaén (Universitas Giennensis) dates back to the Renaissance. University education in the province was provided by two institutions located in the city of Jaén and founded in 1843: the College of Education and the Secondary School. In 1969, the conditions were ripe for the Seminar of University Activities to become a University College. This College was ascribed to the University of Granada in 1975. In 1982, it became fully integrated into the University of Granada. In 1992, the Academic Commission of the University Campus of Jaén was created and the different sections of the University College became Faculties and Colleges. Finally, in 1993, the University College of Jaén was definitely transformed into a fully independent University.

For further information, check the Universidad de Jaén's website.


All classes at the Universidad de Jaén are taught in Spanish; therefore students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their Spanish language courses to be considered eligible. The Universidad de Jaén offers international students a wide variety of Spanish Language and Culture Courses at different levels for different needs. Please visit the Universidad de Jaén, for a complete listing of Spanish and other courses.

As the European university academic structure varies greatly from the North American system, courses completed at a European exchange partner will not be transferred back to the U of L on a course-for-course basis. Rather, students will be required to successfully complete a certain number of ECTS (European Transfer Credit System) credits, in order to earn sufficient credit for U of L credit equivalency.


University of Lethbridge students studying in Jaén are responsible for finding their own accommodations. Assistance is provided by the Universidad de Jaén, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the student. The U of L International Programs office may be able to pass on information from our previous exchange students.

The University of Jaén has two on-campus student residences, the Colegio Mayor Domingo Savio and the Colegio Mayor Josefa Segovia, a female student residence located downtown. The prices of student residences are C$1000/month on campus (including meals).

Renting a furnished flat is the most common choice for Spanish and foreign students. Prices usually range between €150 – 200 (C$240 – 320) per person per month (excluding water, gas and electricity charges). A one-month deposit is normally required upon signing the contract, to be returned at the end of the lease.

For further information see: ujaen.es/serv/vicint/home/alojamiento_en.php.


There are frequent bus connections from different points in the city centre to the University. A taxi from downtown Jaén may cost around €5 (CAN $8).

Arrival information

The most convenient points of entry to Jaén are Málaga, or even Madrid by plane, followed by a two to four hour bus or train ride to Jaén. Hostels or hotels should be booked in advance and may provide directions from the airport or train/bus station. Students should plan to stay in a hostel or hotel for three or more days, which should allow sufficient time to find accommodation for the period of study.

Visa requirements

Canadians wishing to stay longer than three months to study in Spain need to apply for a visa. For further details about this visa, contact the Consulate General of Spain in Toronto. It is important to apply early, as the application process may take up to two months.

The visa application process may have changed since this page was updated. Please email International Programs (int.programs@uleth.ca) for more information.

Consulate General of Spain in Toronto1201-2 Bloor St EToronto ON M4W 1A8Tel: (416) 977-1661 (extension 24 OR 25), 977-3923, 977-4075Fax: (416) 593-4949Office Hours: 08:30–15:30Open to public: 10:00–14:30Email: cog.toronto@mae.es


Based on comments from our previous exchange students to Jaén, the costs for the exchange are approximately as follows:

  • Housing: C$ 1000/month (dormitory) and C$200–300/month (off campus)
  • Textbooks: $140/course (or photocopies or library copies also available)
  • Food: approx. $140–210/month
  • Transportation: $50
  • Visa: approx. $200, plus courier fees
  • Flight: $1400–1700

Videos and photos

To view the Universidad de Jaén gallery visit: ujaen.es/serv/vicint/home/galeria/.

To view on online video clip of the talk about the Spain exchange at our February 2005 UofL International Program Info Sessions, see: http://crdcserve.crdc.uleth.ca/movies/exchange/spain.mov.

Student contacts

"Overall, I have had a wonderful experience in Jaen. I learnt a lot about myself here in Spain and I hope I can bring some of that back with me to Canada. The Spaniards truly know how to enjoy life while still working hard."

Melanie Quimpere, UofL exchange student to Jaén

Former and current U of L exchange students to Spain, as well as our current incoming exchange students from the Spain are happy to talk to students interested in the exchange. To request their contact information, please email int.programs@uleth.ca.