MGT4160Y -

Management 4160

Management 4160

Accounting Theory

Credit hours: 3.0

Contact hours per week:


The study of theoretical constructs such as efficient markets, agency and economic consequences which impact the preparation and use of accounting information. Focus is on applying the theories to understand and analyze current issues in accounting practice. The course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to exercise and improve skills in critical thinking, persuasive writing and oral communication.


Management 3100 AND
One of Writing 1000 or a university English course (3.0 credit hours)


Economics 3030 AND
Management 3101 AND
Management 3160


All prerequisite courses must have a minimum ‘C minus’ (‘C-’) grade.

Students governed by Calendars prior to 2002/2003 may use the Writing Proficiency Requirement (WPR) to meet the Writing 1000 or university English course prerequisite.

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