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Faculty of Management Clubs

Management Students' Society (MSS) - MSS is open to all Management students in any major on any campus and sponsors a variety of social, service and networking events throughout the academic year.

Accounting Club - the University of Lethbridge Accounting Club aims to promote the accounting profession within the student body, provide academic support for new and returning members, and prepare students to excel in post-academic pursuits. We are committed to helping students through our information nights, tutoring services, and networking events.

Finance Club - the University of Lethbridge Finance Club is an opportunity for students of similar interests to come together. The club offers study support and fun gatherings to its memebers.

Human Resources Management Club - the University of Lethbridge Human Resources Club aims to promote the HR industry, connect students with information and networking. Social activities as well as value added ones are put on by the club.


Financial Support for Management Student Club Activities

Looking for financial assistance for a worthwhile Management student club event?

The Faculty of Management provides funding to ratified Students’ Union clubs that benefit a broad range of Management students and enhance the reputation and goals of the University and Faculty.


1. Read the Terms of Reference (pdf 103 KB) for more details and to find out if your group is eligible to receive support.

2. Apply and submit your application online here OR...

Download, complete and email (or print and submit) the application for club funding (docx 32 KB)

Electronic documents can be submitted to

Club representatives must apply prior to the commencement of an activity and must keep PDP Coordinator (Heather Harty) in the loop on the activity planning process.

Students are encouraged to also apply for funding through Students' Union and the Management Students' Society.

University of Lethbridge Clubs

The U of L has many unique and exciting clubs to suit almost any interest. Clubs are a great way to meet new people and socialize and network with others who share your interests.

Club membership is open to all full-time and part-time students attending the University of Lethbridge, all professors, staff and the community.

Look for clubs week in September, when representatives from all campus clubs set up information booths in the University Hall atrium.

Anyone wanting to start a new club will need to attend the Clubs 101 workshop presented by the Students Union in September to become "ratified", or officially approved by the Students Union and covered under SU liability policy. Clubs MUST be SU ratified to be eligible for Faculty of Management financial support.

For more information about the workshop and the existing groups, visit the SU website: