Management Student Awards and Scholarships

The Faculty of Management is proud to recognize academic achievement by offering scholarships to assist students pursuing post-secondary education. There is also a broad range of scholarships offered by the U of L and external agencies.

Although academic proficiency is a requirement of all scholarships, there are many that focus on a student's other attributes, including athletic and extra-curricular involvement, community service, financial need and membership in specific organizations.

Approximately $400,000 in funding is given out to Faculty of Management students each year at the U of L. Make sure to find out what you qualify for and take advantage of this important avenue of support!

Where can I find management awards and scholarships?

Over 80 management awards and scholarships are listed in the Awards and Scholarships part of the current Undergraduate Academic Calendar in the following sections:

  • 1. ENTRANCE AWARDS (NOTE: Management awards are interspersed with other awards)
  • 2. ENTRANCE, TRANSFER, OR CONTINUING AWARDS (NOTE: Management awards are interspersed with other awards)
  • 3. UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS f. Management

Where/how do I apply to management awards and scholarships?

Apply for all awards via the Bridge.

    Where can I find more information?

    Application information and instructions:

    If you have additional questions or require further assistance you may also contact the Scholarships and Student Finance office.

    View stories of students who received scholarship assistance to achieve their goals.