RBC Family & Small Business Funding

Receive up to $1000/month to hire a Management Co-op Student in your organization.


On October 25, 2016, RBC pledged $750,000 to the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Management. The RBC gift is targeted to support and enhance opportunities for students to become involved with family and small business. Students, through the programming and experiential learning opportunities offered by the Faculty of Management, will specifically benefit by partaking in work integrated learning opportunities through co-operative education. Students will gain valuable skills, confidence, and knowledge that will better prepare them to enter the business world after graduation. Family and small business employers will receive the financial boost they need to hire a student who can help advance their business goals. For RBC, furthering the relationship with the Faculty of Management both emboldens students and strengthens the fabric of southern Alberta.

“Through RBC’s support, we will be able to give our students the real-world experience they desire and the opportunity to learn from industry professionals. Students get the chance to work on projects relevant in today’s business world, while the businesses they are working with gain a resource they otherwise would not have access too, creating a real win-win scenario. Once these students graduate and look to build their own businesses, they are that much further along.” – Dr. Robert Boudreau, Dean of the Faculty of Management

Full article: http://www.uleth.ca/unews/article/agility-program-and-faculty-management-receive-major-rbc-gift-support-innovation#.WC3T4HqTTk1


The Co-operative Education Program is designed to assist students in gaining paid, full-time work experience in their field of study, while helping employers fill short- and long-term recruiting needs. Students make positive contributions to the organization through planned, supervised work terms.

Through co-op, you will have the opportunity to recruit bright, ambitious students that are proactively preparing for their future careers. Whether you are looking to evaluate potential future employees or would like assistance for projects or short-term coverage, co-op students can be an integral component to your recruiting strategies.

For more information on co-op and how we can assist you: http://www.uleth.ca/management/coop

Whether you already have a particular student in mind or will be posting a position to our co-op job board, we want to know more about you and your small business. The contents of your application will be evaluated to determine if a portion of the RBC Family & Small Business Funding will be granted to supplement your co-op student’s wage for the duration of their work term(s) (up to $1000 / month).

Terms of Reference:

  • Applications will be considered based on the following:
    • Need
    • Potential Impact on your Business
    • Benefit to the Co-op Student
  • Location – Southern Alberta 
  • Supervision - Cannot be an equal, must be in a position of authority and be able to provide guidance and mentorship.
  • Student must be a current Faculty of Management undergraduate student at the University of Lethbridge and registered in the co-op program.
  • Duration of Employment - 3-4 Months
    • Funding will be for up to 2 semesters total; employers can apply twice for 3-4-month positions. If they choose to keep the student beyond this time frame, the employer pays 100% of the student’s salary.
    • May request 2 students at once for a 3-4-month term.
    • Student cannot already be a full-time employee of the organization working in the same capacity as the proposed co-op work term.
    • Hours of work must be at least 420 per semester (35hrs/wk for a minimum of 12 weeks).
  • Anticipated total student wage must be at least minimum wage and fair for the industry.
  • Funding will be received by employers monthly, through a Purchase Order process with The Faculty of Management

Funding is Limited, Apply Today!

Application Deadlines:

February 28 for Summer (May - Aug) Co-op Positions

June 30 for Fall (Sep - Dec) Co-op Positions

October 31 for Spring (Jan - Apr) Co-op Positions