Once you have chosen your major, consider the option of working toward one of our seven minors. A four-course minor will enhance your resume and complement your major. A minor will be recognized on your transcript.

The Social Responsibility and Information Systems minors can be taken with any other management major, while the Language minor belongs to and is a requirement for only the International Management major.

First Nations' Governance

Want a First Nations’ perspective on management? Learn from highly respected Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals and scholars? When you choose the First Nations’ Governance minor you will gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by First Nations’ communities and peoples. A better understanding of on- and off-reserve issues will help you develop managerial, administrative, and leadership skills needed in government, band administration, financial and resource management, and the oil and gas industry.

Information Systems

With information technology skills in high demand, the four-course IS minor is a valuable complement to your Management major. Take the required database course and then choose three other courses such as e-commerce, project management, systems analysis, and visual programming. The IS minor will complement studies in accounting, computer science, finance, general management, or marketing.

International Management

How can you experience other cultures while advancing your education? Learn about international issues first-hand? Take advantage of the minor in international management and become a true global learner. By choosing the International Management minor – taking one international management course and then going on a semester exchange - you will broaden your horizons, expand your global network, and gain a competitive advantage. You may have a hard time deciding which wonderful destination to choose as we have 27 exchange locations in 20 different countries. Our exchange programs are open to all U of L students regardless of campus, major, or second language ability as many of our partner schools offer courses in English. So, choose the international management minor and "go global".

Completing a full-semester exchange will allow you to fulfill most of the requirements for an International Management minor.

note: all International Management majors must complete a Language minor. This minor is available only to International Management students.

Language Minor:

The language minor is a requirement of the International Management major. Choose a language that supports your career plans such as French, German, Japanese, or Spanish. Most students complete three language courses at the U of L and the fourth during their study-abroad term.

Social Responsibility

Whether you are planning a career in the corporate sector, the public sector, or the nonprofit sector, you need to understand the link between business and social interests.

Increasingly, corporations are expected to engage with their communities in a socially responsible fashion, creating new career paths that focus on corporate social responsibility. A minor in social responsibility can be easily integrated with your chosen program major and complements career paths in marketing, international management, finance, information systems, accounting or human resource management.

Supply Chain Management

A minor in Supply Chain Management is now available to all students in the Bachelor of Management and various Management joint degree and certificate programs. Students will keep their declared major and a minor in SCM to give them an added qualification. The minor will be acknowledged on the official transcript.

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