Prospective Students

 Co-op is an experience that I would highly recommend to any student with a desire to obtain real world practical work experience. It is, in my opinion, the best way to bridge the gap between industry and post secondary; leaving you with the right pieces in place to move forward into a career. The amount that co-op has done for my network, my knowledge and wisdom of business & industry, but most importantly my confidence, is simply remarkable."

Wyatt Norn, BMgt '14 | Co-op student at Secure Energy Services

Co-op summary

Earn money to pay for your tuition by “sandwiching” a co-op term between semesters. Apply for an existing placement or create your own opportunity.

The Co-op Program helps you access positions and companies to which you might not otherwise gain admittance. These experiences allow you to build your network and prepare you for employment after graduation. It’s a value-added complement to your management degree.