Employer Testimonials

Hiring co-op students from the U of L Management Co-op program has been a tremendous benefit to our organization. They bring a solid foundation of learning, are eager and willing to learn and inject some youthful enthusiasm to the teams in which they work. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the program and look forward to an ongoing relationship with the U of L Management Co-op program.
Trevor Flood, BMgt
Lead, Crown Roayalty
Husky Energy


Our co-op program at ConocoPhillips has been our major source of new grad hires. The program has allowed us to observe the student’s performance over an 8 month term while they are filling a staffing need. Co-op students can bring a fresh new perspective to an existing team within our organization.

Terry Olexyn, CMA
Director, Finance and Commercial Integration

Phillips 66 Canada

The co-op program is our main pipeline for hiring and retaining quality students for full-time employment at ConocoPhillips. Through participation in this program our organization is able to recruit from among the best new talent in the country.
Charlene Sieben, CMA
Manager, Finance Integration


The co-op program is a win-win situation for both the employer and the student. In today’s competitive job market, the employer has an opportunity to attract and retain potential employees through the co-op program. The work term is a four- or eight-month interview in which the employer can train and develop knowledgeable, qualified, future employees that can fill a full-time position with ease, upon graduation.
Kelly Barnes, CGA
Senior Reporting Accountant
EnCana Corporation