Hiring Students

The co-op team acts as liaison between the employer and students to help facilitate the hiring process. Here are the suggested steps to make the recruiting process easier:

  1. E-mail a posting to the Co-op office or complete our Online form
    • identify the job duties, qualifications necessary to perform the duties, the start date, length of the position, a contact name and address to where applications should be sent, and the closing date for the posting (response time can be as quick as the next day)
    • job descriptions are posted on Lethbridge and Calgary campuses, e-mails are sent to all co-op students and a website database of postings is made available to co-op students
  2. Review sent applications
    • the Co-op office can collect all applications (resumes, cover letters, transcripts or CACEE forms) and send them by the closing date
  3. Compile a list of students for interviews
    • notify the Co-op office of your short list and interview candidates will be contacted and interviews arranged according to the specified dates and times
  4. Conduct interviews
    • telephone, video conference and in-person interviews can be arranged on all three campuses by the Co-op office at no cost to the employer
    • interview rooms are provided on all three campuses or interviews can take place at the employer's place of business
  5. Select the student who is the best fit and notify the co-op office
    • Management Co-op does not have a ranking and matching system. As a result, employers know the status of their offer to a student without a significant delay.
    • the Co-op office will take responsibility for notifying remaining applicants of selection decisions
  6. Begin a successful relationship that includes a meaningful and educational work experience for the student that is reciprocated to the employer through effort, enthusiasm, contemporary skills and great ideas
    • the co-op student is a temporary, full-time employee and should be subject to the same performance expectations as any other term employee