Past Projects

Student projects (examples from previous years)

DiGi Telecommunications

DiGi Telecommunications is one of the largest cell phone service providers in Malaysia and is well-known for their attention grabbing advertisements. Students were placed within the Human Resources Department where they drafted a document for department managers to help in developing projects that involve and support student interns. This led to recruiting applicants for the company’s Marketing Internship program, which included developing job postings, meeting with representatives from local universities, screening resumes, and conducting over-the-phone interviews.

APEX Communications Snd. Bhd.

A Malaysian education/communications company employed two students. One student worked on a feasibility study focusing on developing a horticulture educational program using indigenous plants. The second student worked in early childhood development education and provided comparative research on Canadian educational programming.

CIE Integrated(M) Sdn Bhd

A Malaysian company that develops and markets educational software packages. A student project focused on assessing the marketing strategies presently used and determining additional and alternative strategies.

Dragon DVD Technology SDN BHD

Malaysian CD and DVD manufacturer. A student worked in their computer graphics department and with the international marketing division on a number of small projects and assignments.

Nestle Ltd.

A multinational food/candy manufacturer/distributor. A student worked on three major research projects for the director of the marketing department.


An English-language institute where students learn English and drama. Students prepared lesson plans and promoted their courses among other students. Previous projects have included developing a marketing plan for the institute and conducting a review of the programs offered by competing language institutes.


A shipping and forwarding company. A student project required assessing the efficacy of the company’s human resource department. The student interviewed all employees, including the CEO, to determine the workplace environment and employee satisfaction and to provide recommendations for the company.

X-Pro. Shipping and Forwarding Sdn. Bhd

A maritime and logistics company. Two students examined ways of expanding Malaysian shipping companies’ share of the shipping market.