International Summer School Schmalkalden (ISSS)

Schmalkalden, Germany

Our exchange partner, the Fachhochschule Schmalkalden in Germany offers a popular three-week summer program held June every summer. The International Summer School Schmalkalden (ISSS) is designed to bring international students from all Schmalkalden’s partner universities together for a fun international learning experience. In addition to classes, the program offers a series of organized field trips for participants.

Each year the program’s courses or seminars are arranged around one theme. This year’s theme will investigate the impact of contrasting cultural and religious value systems on international business. In addition, the growing importance of religious values and their economic implications will be examined in multicultural classes.

Host institution
Fachhochschule Schmalkalden (University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden)
3 weeks
June 11 to June 29 2012 (due to limited accommodation in Schmalkalden, an arrival must not be before the dates specified.

Course transfer

U of L course credit will be determined on a case by case basis. Sample of courses offered in previous years:

  • The Impact of Culture on Globalization
  • Effects of Trade Liberalization
  • Biotechnology: Commercialization, Business Opportunities, Management and Trends
  • Asian Economic Integration
  • Business Strategies for South and East Asia
  • Performance Evaluation in Decentralized International Companies, part 1
  • Performance Evaluation in Decentralized International Companies, part 2
  • Regression Analysis in Economics and Management
  • International Corruption Analysis: Fraud and Ethics
  • The Impact of Culture on Globalization
  • European Union
  • Religion and Economics
  • Regression Analysis in Economics and Management
Participation in the three-week ISSS costs €900 (approx. C$1400). This includes accommodation and cultural trips. Flight, health insurance, meals, and U of L tuition are additional costs. For the purpose of paying U of L tuition, the ISSS exchange is considered a UofL Summer Session I exchange, and interest charges on late tuition will be calculated accordingly. Exchange students who have participated in a full-semester spring exchange in Schmalkalden are welcome to participate in the ISSS free of charge.
You will be accommodated in the university's dormitory, in a Schmalkalden Hotel (three-bed or four-bed rooms), or with local students or families.
More information on application: ISSS 2012
Student feedback
"It was so much fun, it was jammed packed with activities. There wasn't a dull moment and the people were unbelievably fantastic." ~ Matthew Weir, UofL ISSS participant