Universidad Blas Pascal

Córdoba, Argentina

The exchange agreement

The exchange agreement between the University of Lethbridge and the Universidad Blas Pascal was signed in 2002.

Semester dates

Fall semester
beginning of August – end of November
Orientation: beginning of August
Suggested arrival: beginning of August
Pre-semester Spanish course (highly recommended; fee-based): middle of July - beginning of August
Spring semester
beginning of March - end of June
Orientation: beginning of March
Suggested arrival: beginning of March
Pre-semester Spanish course (highly recommended; fee-based): beginning of February - beginning of March

The country

Comprising almost the entire southern half of South America, Argentina is the world's eighth largest country, and the second largest country in South America. Argentina possesses some of the world's tallest mountains, expansive deserts, and impressive waterfalls, with the diversity of the land ranging from wild, remote areas in the south to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires in the north. From the northern deserts to the southern Andean Cordillera, from Iguaçu Falls to the magnificent desolation of Patagonia, Argentina's geography is varied and stunning.

Despite Argentina's recent economic woes, its pleasures—stunning natural wonders, an elegant capital with a European-flavoured sophistication, and a passionate culture—are still as tempting as ever. The silver lining to the financial cloud is that it's now one of the best travel bargains around.

For more information about Argentina see sites such as en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentina.

The city

Córdoba, capital of Córdoba province and Argentina's second largest city, is located at the northern tip of a triangle between Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires. Called the Heartland of Argentina for its location in the geographical center of the country, Córdoba has a strong colonial history blending with modern economic growth. With an automobile industry and an expanding tourism industry, it is growing in commercial importance. The combination of colonial past, modern buildings and a convenient base for exploring the nearby Andes and the Pampas make Córdoba a favoured spot for conventions and language schools.

For more information about Córdoba, visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Córdoba,_Argentina

About the university

Located in the suburb of Aguello, the Universidad Blas Pascal is about a half hour by bus from the center of the beautiful city of Córdoba. The Universidad Blas Pascal began in 1980 as the first educational institution in Córdoba that offered computer science instruction at the university level. Eventually, Universidad Blas Pascal was founded as the first private university to be created in Córdoba in seventeen years. Offering university education at a world-class level is Blas Pascal's goal.

For further information, check the Universidad Blas Pascal website.


Students will select their courses upon application to UBP and finalize upon arrival. Official transcripts are submitted to the University of Lethbridge with a copy for the student in January for the fall semester and August for the spring semester.

At UBP, exchange students must take at least two courses from the Spanish Language and Culture Program-PLyCH.

  1. Spanish
  2. Modern Argentine History
  3. Argentine Popular Culture
  4. ArgentineLiterature (optional)
  5. Tango (optional, US$20)
  6. Horseback Riding (optional, US$60)

The PLyCH courses are taught in Spanish, but are organized and delivered specifically for exchange students. Aside from this, exchange students studying at UBP may choose from the university's general curriculum courses, which cover a wide range and include: management, communications, political sciences, and economics.

Each exchange student is matched with a local student tutor to provide additional academic assistance, particularly at the beginning of the semester, when the entirely Spanish language courses can be quite a challenge.

The Universidad Blas Pascal offers a pre-semester language and culture course held before each of their regular semesters. The US$1600 cost of this program includes the tuition for the course (60 hours of language instruction), a home-stay (three meals/day, laundry service, etc.), medical insurance, Córdoba airport reception, a tutor, and numerous group excursions. This course is offered immediately before the regular fall semester, and helps give students a head start on their Spanish language skills before the regular semester.


Exchange students going to UBP have the following housing choices:

  • Home-stay
    • Includes 3 meals a day Monday through Sunday, laundry service, bed, and bedding
    • A great way to fully immerse yourself in the Argentinean culture and Spanish language
    • Cost: approx. US$380/month
  • Dormitory
    • The rooms are to be shared with another student, usually a local Argentinean student
    • Each room has two single beds, a microwave and a sink, and a private bathroom.
    • Each room has the possibility of connecting a computer to Internet, if the student were to bring a laptop.
    • Does not include laundry, food, cleaning the room or phone calls.
    • Most of the students in the dorms are Argentinean.
    • Cost: shared US$330/person/month, single US$498
  • Private Apartments
    • Students not interested in a home-stay or dormitory may find their own housing off-campus using classified ads, but may need to pay slightly higher rent because they are not signing a long-term contract. Prices for a two-bedroom apartment may be approximately $500/month.


Airlines operate out of the international airport of Córdoba. Local buses provide the cheapest and most efficient way of traveling within the city. Airport pick-up service is available and should be pre-arranged by the student with the UBP International Student Office.

Visa requirements

The Consulate General of Argentina officially requires Canadian students studying in Argentina to apply for a study visa. UBP strongly advises students to apply for their '29G' student visa upon arrival with the assistance of their international office. With that said, students will receive information regarding the visa process from the University of Lethbridge International Programs office prior to departure.

The visa application process may have changed since this page was updated. Please email International Programs (int.programs@uleth.ca) for more information.

The student visa is mandatory for studying at University Blas Pascal. The student visa procedure must be completed within the student’s first 30 days in Argentina by presenting the following:

6-month visa requirements

  • Inscription in the student exchange program (this document will be given to you by Blas Pascal University)
  • A copy of the exchange program (delivered by UBP)
  • Passport
  • Certificate of deficiency of criminal records in the Argentine Republic, emitted by the National Registry of Recidivism, employee of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. (US$15 aprox.)
  • Migrations Fee of Mex$200 (approximately US$65) upon initiating the procedure in the National Direction of Migrations
  • Students are requested to bring a certificate of deficiency of criminal records in country of origin or countries in which residing for the last three (3) years. This will need to be notarized by a Notary Public as listed by the Consulate of Argentina.

Visa update: Argentina Reciprocity Fee for U.S. and Canadian citizens

The government of Argentina has announced a new reciprocity fee for all American and Canadian citizens entering Argentina effective 1 January 2009.

A fee of $131 will be charged to all American and Canadian citizens upon arrival in Argentina via an international flight or at a border crossing. This fee reflects a similar fee charged by the American and Canadian governments to Argentine citizens entering the US and Canada. Students who are American or Canadian citizens must pay this fee and then apply for the student visa after arrival.

1-year visa requirements

  • Inscription in the student exchange program (this document will be given to you by Blas Pascal University)
  • A copy of the exchange program (delivered by UBP)
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate properly translated into Spanish and legalized by the Argentine consulate in the country of origin, or with the Apostille of The Hague.
  • Certificate of deficiency of criminal records in the Argentine Republic, emitted by the National Registry of Recidivism, employee of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
  • Certificate of deficiency of criminal records in country of origin or countries resided in within the last FIVE (5) years, properly legalized by the Argentine consulate in these countries.
  • Migrations Fee of Mex$200 (approximately US$65) upon initiating the procedure in the National Direction of Migrations

Migration office address in Cordoba:

Caseros 676
C.P. 5000

For further details about this visa, contact the Consulate-General of the Argentine Republic in Toronto.

Consul General Minister Horacio Martínez Adalid
Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Toronto
201-5001 Yonge St
Toronto ON M2N 6P6
CanadaTel: 16.955.9075
Fax: 416.955.0868
E-mail: consarg@inforamp.net
Website: www.consargtoro.ca


Based on comments from our previous exchange students to UBP in Argentina, the costs for the exchange are approximately as follows:

  • Admission fee and mandatory travel health insurance fee for 5 months: US$450.
  • Housing: C$350-$500/month
  • Textbooks: C$200
  • Food: C$200-300/month
  • Transportation: $80/month; local transport is very inexpensive; a return bus ticket to Chile costs approx. C$55
  • Visa: US$200
  • Flight: C$1000-1700
  • Pre-semester Spanish course (optional but highly recommended): US$1760-2460

Videos and photos

To view on online video clip of the talk about the Argentina exchange at our February 2005 U of L International Program Info Sessions, see: crdcserve.crdc.uleth.ca/movies/exchange/argenti.mov.

Student contacts

I enjoyed my exchange; I had a very good time. It is the best way to improve the foreign language learned in Lethbridge.

Parmeet Roopra, UofL exchange student to UBP

Former and current U of L exchange students to the Universidad Blas Pascal, as well as our current incoming exchange students from Córdoba are happy to talk to students interested in the exchange. To request their contact information, please email int.programs@uleth.ca