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Transfer of Exchange Course Credit

Courses taken while on an international exchange are not deemed transfer credit but are considered University of Lethbridge course credit, and as such, count towards residency requirements. Non-management students, however, may have alternate residency requirements; therefore, they should consult with their academic advisor. Exchange courses are recorded differently on students' U of L transcripts as compared to courses completed at the U of L.  Before applying to go on exchange, please consult your academic advisor to see what exchange courses best fit into your program.

Grades from exchange courses are not factored into a student's U of L GPA. Exchange course grades are recorded as simply a pass or fail and are not assigned a letter grade on the student’s U of L transcript.

It is not possible to complete any specific U of L course requirements on an exchange. All courses taken on exchange will transfer back to the U of L as non-specific electives. The specific name of the exchange course (or even the type of course) will not be recorded on U of L transcripts. The following grid summarizes the exchange course transfer procedure.

Exchange Course TakenRecorded on U of L transcript as:
Management or Business courses
(e.g. International Marketing, Strategic Market Planning, Finance)
Management 3XXX/4XXX
Humanities courses
(e.g. Spanish Communication, Asian Religions, History of Poland)
Humanities 1XXX or 2XXX
Social Science courses
(e.g. Economics; The Current Asian Political Environment, Chilean Culture)
Social Science 1XXX or 2XXX
Science courses
(e.g. Microbiology, Calculus)
NOTE: Science courses are rarely available to exchange students. We recommend students complete all required science courses at the U of L.
Science 1XXX or 2XXX
Fine Arts courses
(e.g. Latin American Dance)
Fine Arts 1XXX or 2XXX

The level at which Arts and Science exchange course transfer will be determined by the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Registrar’s Office. Management exchange courses receive U of L credit as an unspecified Management 3xxx/4xxx elective.

Exchange University Transcript

At the end of an exchange semester, the exchange university will issue complete transcripts for U of L students and send them to the U of L International Programs office. These transcripts will list all courses taken on exchange, including the full course name, number of credits and grade achieved in each course. Students applying for graduate studies will likely be asked to submit these detailed exchange transcripts, as well as their U of L transcripts as part of the graduate school application process. If so, students will need to request an additional original transcript be sent directly from the host institution.

Students are strongly advised to consider exchange semester dates when applying for graduation in conjunction with the grade submission deadlines of your host institution and how this may affect your graduation date.


At the majority of our exchange partner institutions, course registration is completed upon arrival at the exchange university. In cases where students need to make course choices before leaving Canada, they will be given online registration access or be sent a course selection form by their exchange university to be returned before the registration deadline. When students' course registration is confirmed — after their arrival at the exchange university — each student will need to email a list of his or her courses to the Undergraduate Office at for final approval by an academic advisor. The student's academic advisor will confirm that the courses chosen will indeed transfer properly into the management student's U of L program or request the necessary changes. Therefore students are advised to send their chosen list of courses for approval as soon as possible to avoid delays. For non-management students their respective faculties will review their courses upon return from their exchange. It is therefore extremely important that students are aware of the type of courses they can take on exchange when speaking with their academic advisor well in advance of their exchange.

Some exchange partner institutions have one or more mandatory courses that all exchange students must take regardless of whether these courses fit into a student's U of L program.

Students deciding to take extra exchange courses in addition to those courses that will fit into their U of L program are not required to pay tuition for those additional courses. In such cases, these courses will not be recorded on the student's U of L transcript, only on the exchange university transcript.

In most cases, students should still remain full-time U of L students during an exchange semester and must, therefore, pay for a minimum of three courses during a Fall or Spring exchange semester. Students participating in summer exchanges must pay for a minimum of one U of L course.

In all cases, outgoing U of L exchange students must complete at least the minimum course load required to be considered a full-time student by their host university.

Course Load

Students can have a maximum of five courses (15 credit hours) transfer back to the U of L from an exchange semester, although four courses (12 credit hours) is the recommended maximum for an exchange semester.

Due to differing course demands and structures from one exchange institution or country to another, students may be required, in some cases, to take more than one exchange course to be considered equivalent to one U of L course.

Those students wanting to complete two exchange semesters, can transfer a maximum of six courses back to their UofL program. Therefore those students wanting to complete two full-semester exchanges will be required to take courses extra to their degree in an effort to meet minimum course requirements.

Tuition Costs

Students pay their tuition fees to the University of Lethbridge and generally do not pay any tuition at the partner institution. Only in a few cases, small fees may be charged for certain courses by the exchange host institution. The amount of University of Lethbridge tuition owed is determined by the number of courses intended to be transferred back to the U of L from the exchange university, and according to the fee schedule for the exchange semester (see the U of L calendar for details).

Exchange tuition amounts owing cannot be viewed on the Bridge as for a regular semester. Instead, students must contact the Cash Office directly to inquire about their exact exchange tuition fees.

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