• Students are selected by the program coordinator.
  • Selection is based on the student's overall academic achievement, satisfactory performance in the consulting theory course as judged by the instructor and a written application identifying the consulting competencies you wish to acquire
  • Selected candidates are invited to participate in the applied consulting course, an organizing meeting of all participants is planned, teams are assigned to projects and the consulting process begins.
  • Teams are required to complete the entire consulting cycle, from proposal writing (including budgeting), to the presentation of the final report to the client and coordinator.


The coordinator develops working procedures and performs all administrative duties:

  • Responsible for queuing all projects for the upcoming semester
  • Participates in the selection process, determining who will participate in the program
  • Organizes the initial meeting of the participants to assign projects
  • Once the teams have been assigned to projects, the coordinator monitors the team throughout the process, ensuring that client-consultant relationships are progressing satisfactorily
  • Upon completion of the project provides feedback to the team upon the completion of the project.


  • Once the program coordinator has accepted a project it is placed in a queue
  • When the next consulting course is offered projects are activated and assigned
  • Projects are assigned on the basis of the students’ strengths as well as the specific project needs
  • Clients work with the student teams to clarify and define the business issues outlined in the proposal
  • Clients are responsible for providing the student teams with access to information as it relates to the project

Grading and evaluation

Students receive a mark for each of the learning components within the consulting process.

  • Participation
  • Written proposal document
  • Written final report to the client
  • Verbal presentation of the final report to the client
  • Students receive a letter grade for the final course mark.

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