Deadlines and Process

Before applying to go on exchange, please see your academic advisor to see what exchange courses best fit into your program.

Exchange Semester

Application Deadline

Spring 2017

June 1, 2016 for International Management majors
October 1, 2016 for all other students.
Summer 2016 February 25, 2016.
Fall 2016 March 1, 2016

See your academic advisor to check if you have room in your program for electives

Apply online on our website:

Pay $140 non-refundable exchange fee to have your application processed

Meet International Exchange coordinator to discuss details of your application like cost, language, visa, course information and other planning details

Once accepted, fill out Exchange Student Agreement

Fill out admission and housing application forms for exchange university

Apply for visa, Study permit

Attend Culture Shock and Risk Management meetings

Application process

Students wishing to go on exchange must complete the International Programs Application form, which is submitted automatically to the International Programs office, and to the Faculty of Management's academic advisors. Students are limited to participation in one full semester exchange at a particular destination; any extension and/or inclusion of a summer exchange would require special permission from the International Programs Office at the University of Lethbridge. Given the high demand for particular exchange locations, your first choice may not be selected and alternate exchange locations may be presented.

An academic advisor will review each application and the student's program to ensure students have fulfilled the requirements for an exchange. Then the advisor will contact the students, asking them to pick up a copy of their program. When picking up the program, the students must meet with an advisor to discuss which exchange courses will fit into their program. Students must keep a copy of their program for reference when choosing courses while on exchange. Students must give another copy of their program to the International Programs staff during their exchange planning meeting.

Once accepted to go on exchange, the International Programs office will contact the student to arrange a meeting. During the meeting, students will fill out the necessary forms and applications for an exchange semester, including an Exchange Student Agreement, as well as admissions and housing application forms for the exchange university. We will also discuss visa, course information, and other exchange planning details. Wherever possible, we will invite former outgoing or current incoming exchange students from this host university to help answer questions and share their experiences.

Upon receipt of a Student Exchange Agreement, the University of Lethbridge will issue a formal letter of acceptance permitting the student to go on exchange, in addition to one that will be issued by the host institution upon receipt of the student's application. Both these letters are necessary components for a study visa application.

If at anytime students wish to cancel or postpone their exchange, they must submit their request in writing to the International Programs office.