Management Certificates

Management certificates are composed of a series of 10 required courses designed to provide a suitable combination of breadth and depth of knowledge in a specific area of study.

Certificate programs are designed to be completed on a part-time studies basis, and many of the certificate courses have prerequisite, corequisite and/or recommended background requirements that are above and beyond the 10 courses in the program. As a result, completion of this program will take more than one year of study.

Major Requirements (PDF)

The following majors are available in this program:

*Lethbridge campus only

See also Certificate Course Order: Sequencing Charts

Minor Requirements (PDF)

The following optional minors are available and are extra to the certificate requirements:

* Lethbridge campus only


Work Experience: Cooperative Education Program

Interested in this Program?

Please contact an Academic Advisor at your campus before applying to this program for information on course sequencing and possible waivers for equivalent courses already taken.