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Take a Fresh Look at Management

Did you don't need to be a Management student to take business courses at the U of L?

A course in management can help you develop your planning and organizing skills, handle your finances, get a job or sell an idea.

Whether your passion is the arts, sciences, health, or sport and recreation you’ll be able to use this knowledge wherever you go and in whatever career you pursue.

There are many interesting and valuable courses from which to choose and, for many of them, you don’t have to be a Management student to enrol.

Browse the courses below to see which one might suit your needs.

If you're a current, non-Management student, talk to your advisor about fitting these courses into your program.

Several classes are also open to community members not currrently attending the U of L.

note: There are no pre-requisites for these courses unless otherwise stated. Registration in courses will be subject to space availability.


Management 1000 - Introduction to Management
An introduction to business concepts and theories. You'll develop a basic understanding of organizational decision making.

Management 2100 - Introductory Accounting
Learn the basics of the financial process and preparation of financial statements.

Management 3551 - Introduction to Tourism (third-year standing)
An overview, with emphasis on sustainable tourism. Topics include public policy, economic development, marketing, impacts, aboriginal tourism and ecotourism.

Management 3640 - Cross-Cultural Management Practice (requires third-year standing)
Learn about cross-cultural management practices and how culture is expressed within the work environment.

Management 3650 - Introduction to International Management
Examine international aspects of trade, marketing and economic regimes. Focuses on business endeavours over time in the global context.

Management 3850 A - Sports Marketing
Discuss and research strategies to help organizations ensure attendance at sporting events. Develop a unique marketing strategy using corporate social responsibility tactics.

Management 3850 N - Managing Service Organizations
An introduction to the field of service management. Examines how organizations can more effectively design and deliver service excellence while achieving organizational success.

Management 4580 - Environmental Management (third-year standing)
Explore topics in environmental management, including public participation and human rights issues, and the role of indigenous peoples.

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Read detailed course descriptions for these and other Management offerings.

View the course timetable and find the class that fits your schedule.

You may also contact the Management Undergraduate Programs office for information on Management programs and costs and/or to find out how to register. | 403-329-2153 | Office M2060 (Markin Hall)