Getting Health Care in Canada

One of the many benefits of living in Canada is access to affordable and comprehensive health care. All University of Lethbridge students are required to have health insurance, including internationals.

Health care options:

  • bring proof of travel insurance from your home country
  • apply for health care in Canada.


Applying for Alberta Health Care (AHC)

Eligibility – you can register for AHC if you are staying in Canada for one year or longer.

Cost – the plan is free once you register!

Coverage - AHC covers basic health care needs including doctor’s visits and medical tests.


University of Lethbridge Health Plan

Cost - your U of L health plan is included in your tuition fees.

Coverage – this plan pays for additional medical services such as dental and vision care, and prescription medication.

What if I already have health care from home? – if you can provide proof of health insurance from your home country, you may opt out of the U of L health plan.


University of Lethbridge Health Centre

The Health Centre can assist with questions or concerns you may have, and provide some basic health services.

Contact the Health Centre within two weeks of your arrival to discuss your health care options.


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