Outgoing Student Survey

Dear Exchange Student,

We are glad that you chose to participate in the Faculty of Management international exchange program at the University of Lethbridge. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope that you enjoyed your time abroad. In order to obtain feedback and continuously improve our program, we kindly ask that you fill out this questionnaire. (Student identification is optional.)


I found housing accommodations to be satisfactory
Describe your accommodations in detail


I would recommend my exchange courses to future students

International office staff

Do you have any suggestions on how the U of L International Programs staff could improve their service to outgoing exchange students, or suggest an area about which you wished you had been more prepared?

Local information


In Canadian dollars, my exchange costs were as follows
Please leave any general comments regarding the cost of your exchange.

Summary comments

Contact information

Email addresses
Please use the following email address(es) to contact me for further details about my feedback (optional)
Phone numbers

Please use the following phone numbers to contact me for further details about my feedback (optional)


I am willing to allow the International Programs office to quote my comments on their website or other promotional materials.
I am willing to allow the International Programs Office to give my email address to future outgoing exchange students who are interested in going to the same exchange location as I did.

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