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STEP 1 of 3: Apply to the Co-op Program


If you haven't done so already, please read the Application Information page first for application deadlines, requirements, costs and other co-op information.

Once you have gathered the documents outlined below, the 3 steps of the application process should take 10-15 minutes to complete.



You will be required to attach a copy of your resume in .doc, .docx or .rtf format as part of the application process.  Your resume should outline your education, employment, and volunteer/extracurricular activities.  We will help you develop your resume, so it is not expected that this document be "employer-ready" yet.



a) U of L Working Copy Transcripts

You will be required to attach a copy of your U of L Working Copy transcripts in .pdf format  (even if you have not yet completed a class at the U of L).  U of L Working Copy transcripts can be obtained on the The Bridge.  After logging on, go to the "Registrar's Office & Student Services" tab.  Select the "Student Records" tab.  Select the "Working Copy Transcript" option.  Click on the "View Transcript" button and save to your computer.

b) Pre-U of L Transcripts

If you have not attended another post-secondary institution prior to coming to the U of L, skip to step 3. 

If you are a transfer, diploma, second degree or post graduate student at the U of L, you will be required to provide a copy of your previous transcripts from post-secondary institutions attended prior to coming to the U of L.  These do not have to be official transcripts.   You may be able download your transcripts directly from some institutions’ websites.   You will be asked to attach a copy of your pre-U of L transcripts in .doc, .docx, .txt or .pdf format as part of the application process.  If these transcripts have already been submitted to the U of L, you can contact the U of L Registrar’s office and have them forwarded to the Co-op office (email: fax: 403-329-2112 ATTN:  Susan Price) instead of attaching them online.



Download, read carefully, sign and date the Co-op Release Form (PDF 136.18KB) so you understand the expectations of a co-op student in the Management Co-op Program. Scan the signed and dated form so you have an electronic copy you can attach to the online application form in .jpg, .gif, .doc, .docx  or .pdf format.  If you are unable to attach this to the application form, please make sure you have forwarded a copy to the Co-op office (email: fax: 403-329-2112 ATTN:  Susan Price) within 24 hours of filling out the online co-op appilcation form.


SCHEDULE (for Career Management Workshop and Intake Appointment)

You will need to know your schedule so you can register for a mandatory two-hour Career Management Workshop and an Intake Appointment  You will be asked to register for a Workshop in step 2 of the application process.  You will be asked to give your available times for an Intake Appointment in step 3 of the application process.


FOIP Notification
The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Post-secondary Learning Act (Alberta) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Alberta). Your information will be used to contact you and to manage your participation in the Faculty of Management Co-operative Education Program. As part of the co-op job application process, your personal information will be made available to prospective employers. For questions on the collection, use and disclosure of this information, please contact the University FOIP Coordinator at 4401 University Drive West, Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4;; 403-332-4620.
Document Attachments
Attach your resume in .doc, .docx or .rtf format (size up to 3Mb).
Attach your U of L transcripts obtained from The Bridge in .pdf format (size up to 800Kb).
Attach your pre-U of L transcripts (transfer, diploma or previous degree). If your file is too large (size over 1.5Mb) to attach, email it to or fax to 403-329-2112.
Attach your signed and dated Release Form. If you are not able to attach this document (size up to 800Kb), email it to or fax to 403-329-2112 within 24 hours of completing this application form. Your application cannot be processed without this form.
General information
NOTE: Students who have conditional acceptance and do not yet have a U of L email should enter their current college/university email address here instead
Current address
Permanent address
(if different from above)
Emergency contact in Canada
Employment Equity
“Your response to this and the following questions is voluntary. If you choose to self-identify, Employment Equity information may be used to consider you for positions with employers seeking to ensure the equitable participation of women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and members of visible minority groups.”
An Aboriginal person is a North American Indian or member of a First Nation, a Metis or an Inuit. North American Indians or members of a First Nation include “Status,” “Treaty” or “Registered” Indians, as well as “Non-Status” and “Non-Registered” Indians.
A person in a visible minority group in Canada is someone other than an Aboriginal person as defined above, who is non-white in color/race, regardless of his/her place of birth.
U of L information
GPA (Note: 2.70 minimum; NOT ROUNDED)
DO NOT ROUND. Enter 0 if you have not completed any courses at the U of L yet.
Work term information

Upcoming Events