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Deshpande on Alberta Prime Time

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 (All Campuses)

Dr. Sameer Deshpande, a marketing professor in the Faculty of Management, made a recent appearance on the CTV news-magazine program, "Alberta Prime Time".

Dr. Deshpande was asked to participate in a panel discussion on the issue of post-secondary institutions imposing drinking limits on students.

Information provided on the program indicates that Albertans drink more on average than other Canadians, and that statistics suggest alcohol misuse costs Alberta $1.6 billion dollars a year in health care, law enforcement, and productivity losses.

Dr. Deshpande has done research on binge drinking on college campuses, and offered comments on understanding the phenomenon and encouraging moderation in consumption of alcohol.

"We need to understand why students on campuses drink," said Deshpande. "One of the reasons is they feel it's one of the most attractive ways to socialize on campus. So, can we provide opportunites...can we create favourable environments in students' lives so they are attracted to carry out desirable behaviour?"

In an effort to mitigate the negative effects of excessive drinking, the Southern Alberta Insitute of Technology (SAIT) has placed restrictions on the amount and type of alcohol students may consume on campus.

When asked his opinion on the new regulations, Dr. Deshpande said, "laws should be one of many strategies employed [but] we need to go beyond that and bring in other ways of tackling the problem."

Additional panelists were Cam Wild, School of Public Health at the University of Alberta and Sharon Schooler, from the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research.

To watch the archived video of this program and hear the rest of the discussion, go to:

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