Integrated Management Experience


Please note the IME program is offered only on the Lethbridge campus.

The Integrated Management Experience (IME) program is built on a solid foundation of community, theory and practice.

Successful application of knowledge is not a matter of skimming over theoretical aspects of the program and blazing ahead into implementation. It’s about learning to excel through careful attention to detail, from initial analysis through to implementation. It’s about offering strong rationales and providing tangible benefits.

What the program teaches, perhaps most importantly, is that you have the ability to effect change in the world. Students derive a tremendous sense of accomplishment from the IME and so they should: since the program began in 2000, students have raised over $125,000 towards community development.

The exceptional experience provided in this program is one reason so many students choose to pursue a management degree at the U of L.

Through this opportunity, students learn that success is not always about making money, that it’s much more broadly defined and that you are always part of a community, no matter where you are in your career.


The IME program lets you try out your major, test your theoretical knowledge and determine which environment suits you best.

It is a great step to help you with our Co-op Program. Many IME students take advantage of their experience in the Program to obtain and succeed in Co-op placements. Why not integrate your knowledge and gain an integrative perspective from the outset? In terms of tuition dollars, that’s good value!

How it works

Students must take two (six-credit hour) modules: Mgt 3091 (the equivalent of taking Management 3031 and 3061) and Mgt 3092 (the equivalent of Management 3050 and 3650). Students may also receive credit for Management 3080 or management electives.

IME allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge as you study. Because you work in modules, you might have a lecture on Monday then find yourself applying that knowledge on Thursday. The IME program lends a higher degree of immediacy to your studies.

Projects are chosen on the basis of their integrative content; the potential to provide students with a more complete understanding of business processes in the context of solving business problems. A program coordinator provides ongoing support throughout the process.

At the beginning of the spring semester each group has an opportunity to pitch their ideas for a community project. After all of the presentations have been made, everyone votes on whose plan will be implemented. Those on the winning team become project managers, responsible for assigning various organizational tasks to the rest of the class. Proceeds from the community project go to a designated non-profit organization.

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