Our mission

We advance knowledge and develop scholars and principled leaders who think globally, act insightfully, and make a difference to their organizations and society.

Advancing knowledge is one of the key roles of a university. By advancing knowledge, individual faculty members develop positions of leadership in discernable areas of inquiry. Their work has established a reputation for research excellence at the Faculty of Management.

We develop principled leaders because we are a management school. Our graduates leave the university with the skills, confidence and knowledge to assume positions of leadership and the social and moral compass to make us proud.

The world is becoming globally integrated and so, too, must the thinking of our students. We take seriously our obligation to teach students to think critically, to see the big picture (integration) and to be strategic in their thinking. We encourage students to include a hands-on international component in their programs through an exchange, a work study or international work experience.

Making a difference is the cornerstone of success. At the end of the day, we succeed when our students succeed by making a difference to the organizations where they work and the communities in which they live.

Our purpose is broader than simply preparing students for the business world. Not-for-profits and governmental agencies also play extremely important roles in society and they need management graduates. Our students learn to recognize the importance of giving back to society—the need for citizenship.