Educators in the Faculty of Management are the heart of our program.

Management faculty come from all over the world and represent all areas of management studies including accounting, finance, human resources, information systems, international management, marketing and policy & strategy. They are active and accomplished researchers, allowing them to implement the most current and ground-breaking data in their teaching.

They are dedicated and inspired educators who encourage students to strive for excellence not only in the classroom but in the way they apply their knowledge to their communities and careers. Students are supported in pursuing opportunities, both within and outside their regular classroom studies, to push the boundaries of their own abilities.

Our Teaching Effectiveness Committee encourages and facilitates professional development of teaching faculty, promotes excellence in teaching, and encourages educators to remain current in their fields of expertise. The committee organizes and promotes seminars, workshops, courses and other activities related to professional development.

Small class sizes in Management allow most students the chance to interact in a significant way with their instructors and to benefit from their research, publications and commitment to the advancement of knowledge.

Many students leave the Management program with a keen sense of gratitude for the opportunities and guidance provided to them by their instructors.

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Dr. Mary Runte, Policy and Strategy