SMIF 2012-2013 Team

Be part of the investment team.

Are you enthusiastic about learning to invest real money in real commodities and getting the hands on experience you're looking for to launch your exciting career in finance?

Meet some of the young men and women who have had the privilege of working on the Student Managed Investment Fund team.

2012-2013 Team

Caleb Dowdy

Caleb Dowdy

Most memorable U of L experience: Winning the competition in the Innovative Entrepreneurship class.
Favourite social activity: Intramural Water Polo.

I want to have my own business. My friend and I started an app business and entered the South Venture Business Competition. We have all kinds of ideas and there are multiple ways of making dreams a reality.

Courses like the Student-Managed Investment Fund brought together all the simulations and theory I learned and applied them to the real world.

If you choose to pursue extra things, there is a whole lot at the U of L that is available.

Alex Hedges

Alex Hedges

Favourite thing to do in Lethbridge: When the sun is shining, go for a float down the Old Man River.
Favourite social activity: Intramurals. A great way to relive the glory days of junior high athletics.

I plan to work for an investment bank on the sell side, and eventually go into mergers and acquisitions.

I've enjoyed taking classes in different aspects of management. I now understand the cohesion of a firm and what each department is responsible for.

One big life lesson I've learned is you get out what you put in. The more you engage yourself, the more positive the results.

Ryan Huntley

Ryan Huntley

Favourite class: Financial Institutions and Markets
Favourite place to study: Markin Hall breakout rooms.

I'm currently looking at a career in wealth management or commercial lending.

University has taught me to be adaptable and creative with respect to the managerial decision-making process. It's also taught me the value of working with great people.

My advice to prospective students would be to use academic advising and Career and Employment Services as much as you can. Take advantage of co-op opportunites on campus as well.

Alexis Stevenson

Alexis Stevenson

Favourite class: Advanced Tax
Most memorable U of L experience: Attending conferences such as JDC West and Roundtable.

I did a double major in Accounting and Finance. I intend to pursue my Chartered Accountant designation after graduation.

I had an accounting co-op this past summer. The program gave me valuable work experience that set me apart from other accounting grads.

I love the fact that we have unlimited hands-on work. My classes made me link what we've learned in the classroom to what's going on in the economy.

Clayton Varjassy

Clayton Varjassy

Favourite classes: SMIF, Visual Communications for New Media, Net.Art and Derivative Securities Markets
Most memorable U of L experience: Giving a small speech at the 25th Annual F of M Scholarship Dinner.

I plan to day trade futures while helping to run a couple of small startups with my brother and a few close friends. I may look at getting into management with an oil and gas company.

I've had a very positive experience with professors here - several who changed the way I look at things and helped me gain a new perspective.

My favourite thing about the program has been the opportunity to really experience the markets hands on.

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