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Language Minor

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The language minor is a requirement of the International Management major.

In addition to completing an international exchange semester, students in the International Management major must declare and complete a language minor. All language courses completed prior to the exchange must have a minimum grade of C-.

Language options

Choose a language that supports your career plans:

  • French
  • German (suspended until further notice)
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Students must successfully complete four courses in the chosen language to meet requirements for the minor. Most students complete three language courses at the U of L and the fourth during their study-abroad term.

Students interested in pursuing a language other than those listed above are advised to contact Student Program Services in the Faculty of Management (you can visit the office at M2060 or call 403-329-2153) for more details. The Language Minor will be acknowledged on the official transcript.

What if the courses I need aren't offered?

If the University does not offer a sufficient number of courses to meet the four-course Language Minor, students may obtain permission from the Faculty of Management to attend other institutions in order to fulfill their language requirements and credit will be approved toward the University of Lethbridge degree. The International Management major includes an international exchange semester. In general, a student may not select his or her native language as the language of study.


A four-course minor in International Management is available as an adjunct to the International Management major ONLY in the following programs:

In some cases, achievement of the minor will require a student to take extra courses. For students who complete all the requirements, the minor will be acknowledged on the official transcript.

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