Eligibility requirements

University of Lethbridge students who wish to complete a Faculty of Management international exchange must:

  • Be continuing students in undergraduate studies
  • Be in good academic and financial standing at the University of Lethbridge
  • Have a University of Lethbridge cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be accepted into the Faculty of Management (not applicable to students from other faculties)
  • Have room in their U of L program for management and/or non-management electives, or be willing to take courses in addition to their degree
  • Generally, be in the third or fourth year of their degree program, and completed a minimum of one semester at the University of Lethbridge before their exchange semester. Note: certain non-management students are subject to a residency requirement which may affect their ability to study abroad in their final year. Please contact your academic advisor for details
  • Have completed the writing proficiency requirement (applicable only to students admitted to the U of L before the 2003/2004 calendar year)
  • International management majors must have completed a minimum three of the four required language courses before the exchange semester with the understanding that the fourth language requirement, if not already completed prior to exchange, will be taken during the exchange semester abroad
  • Be sufficiently proficient in the language of instruction of the exchange institution. Many exchange partners offer courses in English.
  • For Calgary and Edmonton campus international management students, where the university does not offer a sufficient number of language courses to meet the language requirement, students may obtain permission from the Faculty of Management to attend other institutions in order to fulfill their language requirements and credit will be approved toward the University of Lethbridge degree. Three of these four required language courses taken off campus (including the fourth language course completed on exchange) may be counted towards the University of Lethbridge residency requirement. For clarification please contact your academic advisor.

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